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Whether you’re Charedi, Mizrachi, yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, or unaffiliated

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One fact that makes us ridiculously proud?

There are so many different types of Jews using Torah Live, from Melbourne to Miami and everywhere in between.

And nothing makes us happier than watching Jews from diverse backgrounds enjoy the same Torah content.

After all, we’re one family — and each member adds so much to our beautiful tapestry. 💕

So why do we offer FamView?

We’ve received multiple requests asking us to present our content with the nuances and sensitivities that you’re used to.

We get it: what’s cozy and familiar to one Jew may not be cozy and familiar to another.

That’s why we rolled out FamView: a feature that lets you choose the Torah Live visuals that look most like you, taking your modes of dress, modesty preferences, and language preferences into account.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your Torah Live account dashboard.

  2. Under settings, select the FamView feature.

  3. Choose between the Modern Orthodox and Charedi options.

One last thing:

We believe that kulanu bnei ish echad.

We may wear different clothes, sport different head coverings, hang different paintings, and gravitate toward different phrases and expressions — but the language of the heart and soul connects us all.

Our differences are skin-deep; our bond is intimate, infinite, and immeasurable.

We offer FamView to best serve our various audiences and create a platform that feels comfortable and easy-to-use.

So whichever option you use (or if you don’t turn on FamView at all), remember: we’re Klal Yisrael and we’re one family, forever! ❤️

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