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Changing the World with Torah Live!
Changing the World with Torah Live!
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Is it possible to watch Torah Live and change the world at the same time without having to leave the comfort of your home?

Yes it is!

Welcome to the Torah Live "Impact Store".

What is it?

When you sign up to Torah Live and come to your dashboard, you will see the "My Dinar Bank"

Everyday when you log into your Torah Live account, you can click to open the chest and receive a half of dinar and little by little you can start collecting "Dinarim" (the chest can be opened every 24 hours):

As you collect more dinarim, you can click on the "Shop Now" button and visit "The Impact Store":

Torah Live has partnered with 16 chessed organizations and you can choose which organization you would like to donate your dinarim. For example, you can choose to send a food box to the poor by choosing this organization as shown in the visual below and it will 'cost' you 4 dinarim:

Click on - "Yes! Redeem Now"

BOOM. You have done a mitzvah and helped change the world in just a few clicks!!! How amazing is that???

This is a powerful feature in Torah Live - the ability for children to connect their Torah learning to the real world and also for them to see how they can easily make a positive impact on the world.

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