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Help! I can't log into my account!
Help! I can't log into my account!
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There can be several reasons why you can't log into your account:

  1. You've never actually created a Torah Live account.

    Solution: Sign up for a new account at:

  2. You've already created a Torah Live account, however you have the wrong password:

    Solution: At the top right of the homepage click on "Sign in", enter your email and then click on "Forgot password" and you will receive an email to reset your password:

  3. If the solutions above have not worked and you still cannot log in, try signing up/logging in with a different browser (if you're in Microsoft Edge for example, try signing up/logging in via Chrome).

  4. If you're still not able to log in - please let us know so we can work with you to find a solution. We're a chat away🙂

After you've successfully signed up/logged in - we highly recommend you watch the Torah Live course on "Why Do Bad Things Happen?"

Good Luck!!!

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