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The Purim Megillah Slideshow
The Purim Megillah Slideshow
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Can we purchase just the Purim Megillah slideshow without having to purchase a full membership?

The short answer is: there isn't an option to purchase one-off content from Torah Live.

However...I would like to share a little secret that'll turn your Purim joy into a year-round celebration! 🎭

Opting for the full $180 Torah Live membership (per year) instead of a one-off topic is like trading in your single ride ticket for an all-access pass to the greatest Torah theme park ever!

Imagine having not just the Megillah presentation, but an entire library of thrilling, inspiring, and utterly engaging courses at your fingertips. It's a never-ending feast of Torah wisdom, where each course is a new ride and each video a delightful treat! 🍦

Think of it this way: the "Megillah Slideshow" is just the appetizer in a grand, sumptuous banquet of Torah learning.

So, why limit yourself? Dive into the full Torah Live experience and let the whole year be one long celebration! πŸš€πŸ“š

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