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Make Waves with RWI's

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Ever dreamt of transforming your learning into action? Well, dreams do come true at Torah Live! Introducing RWI's, or Real World Impact! Here's how it works:

What is RWI?

RWI is all about deepening your connection with the course topics and making a splash in the real world. For example, finish the Shabbat course and unlock the option to gift a food box to a family in need. Cool, right? 😊 Curious about the coins? Learn more about Dinarim

The Impact Store:

This isn't just any store; it's The Impact Store, the only one of its kind! Here, you can turn your learning into tangible actions that bring positivity into the world. And guess what's the currency? Yep, it's dinarim! πŸŽ‰

How to Make an Impact:

  1. Collect Dinarim: Save up those shiny coins in your coin bank.

  2. Redeem RWI's: Choose from available RWIs and let your dinarim do the talking.

  3. Unlock More: The more courses you complete, the more RWI choices you unlock!

You've got the power to light up the world! πŸ”₯ So join in, and let's make a difference together with every course and every coin. Ready to dive in?

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