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Why do parents need to register first?
Why do parents need to register first?
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The Torah Live policy that is being implemented in the new platform - minors from ages 13 and below will require a parental/legal guardian to sign up first and then enroll the child in the platform under their account. Why? For a number of reasons, first and foremost - we feel that Torah education should be a shared family experience. It is our hope and vision that parents and children will utilize this platform to bring in a whole new level of Torah learning in the family. Second, it's very important to us that parents not only be aware of Torah Live but also be fully engaged and partners in their child's activity in the platform. More than often, children find their own way in the complex world of online gaming and parents aren't always aware of what exactly their child is or isn't doing on the internet. In Torah Live, it's just the opposite - the parent is front and center in the child's learning.

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