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Class Activity Idea - Sefer Torah
Class Activity Idea - Sefer Torah
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Parent-Child Learning Event

(This program was initiated by Rabbi Zev & Rebecca Gubbay from London)

(Parents and children learning together)

Goal: In this event, each participant will develop a stronger connection and appreciation for the Sefer Torah

Learning Guide for Parents .

Idea #1

What is the last mitzvah in the Torah?

Leading questions for kids:

  • How many mitzvahs are there in the Torah?

  • What is the first mitzvah in the Torah?

The last mitzvah is….

וְעַתָּה כִּתְבוּ לָכֶם אֶת הַשִּׁירָה הַזֹּאת

And now, write for yourselves this song

The last mitzvah is to write for yourself a Sefer Torah!

Why do you think the Torah is called a song?

Excellent opportunity to engage kids on why they think the Torah is referred to as a song.

Parents can explain this idea through Rabbi Yissachar Frand’s explanation:

When Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is played – regardless of whether one is a concertmaster or a plain simple person – there is something one can get out of it. Music is something that everyone on his or her own level can enjoy. Everyone can relate to music.”

The goal is for kids to come up with ideas on what makes music unique and that each person can connect to music on his or her own level.

How can we apply what we learned about music to Torah?

Answer: That each and everyone of us can connect to Torah on his or her own level!

Watch the Torah Live series "Sefer Torah" - the whole series does not have to be viewed in one program. We recommend to review the series beforehand and choose which sections of it can be used in this program.

Idea #2

The participants will write a song about Torah.

Each parent-child team will receive a Torah related word:

Har sinai







  • Each “team” will write a stanza

  • There will be a big billboard/empty wall, there will be header “Our Torah Song”

  • When each team completes their stanza, they will add it to the billboard/wall

  • The wall will slowly fill up with one big song about Torah!

  • The message for the kids is that each child has a place in Torah and that the song can only be complete when we work together.

  • Have the kids decorate their own stanza, take pictures etc.

(Kids love receiving the Torah Live certificate at the end of the event!)

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