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Why the Dinarim Chest opens every 24 hours?
Why the Dinarim Chest opens every 24 hours?

Ever wondered why you can only unlock the dinarim chest every 24 hours?

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The dinarim chest acts as a beacon, inviting you to come back to Torah Live every day. It's our little nudge, urging you to learn and grow with us day after day.

More than just a mechanism to gather coins, this 24-hour cycle teaches us the value of patience and curbs the urge for instant gratification. By watching your dinarim count grow steadily, you'll cherish them more, thinking deeply about how to spend them at The Impact Store. πŸ’­

Now, think about it. If we kept showering you with endless dinarim, there's a chance they might lose their charm. But by pacing it out, we ensure each coin feels special and well-earned. πŸ†

So, every time you see that chest ready to open, know that it's more than just coins inside. It's a lesson, a reward, and an invitation to make impactful choices at the The Impact Store.

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