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Torah Live & The World of Gaming
Torah Live & The World of Gaming
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Torah Live 2.0 is a whole new learning experience for the Jewish child. From its inception, the Torah Live videos have been the hallmark of the Torah Live experience. However moving forward, the new Torah Live platform is now a fully gamified learning experience that includes:

  • Points

  • Badges

  • Leaderboards

  • Levels

  • HTML games

  • Gamified learning modules

  • Challenges

The most common question that we are asked is - why?

Why did Torah Live enter into the world of gamification?

(The new Torah Live game "Growth Express")

We are living in a world that is aggressively challenging Jewish children to engage in all sorts of online gaming platforms that traps them in virtual gaming environments that are the complete opposite to a Torah way of life.

As producers of high quality Torah content, we could not stand on the sidelines and simply ignore this dangerous phenomenon so we decided to do something about it.

Almost 4 years ago, Torah Live embarked on a journey to create a revolution in the world of Jewish gaming with one guiding thought - how can we capture the hearts and minds of Jewish children? On the one hand, we can't compromise on the high quality Torah content and on the other hand we wanted to make it really exciting for Jewish how did we resolve it? We gamified it!

(from the new Torah Live charity game)

Yes, the Torah Live videos are still the hallmark of what Torah Live is and will be, yet

now it comes in a platform that is geared to motivate and excite the child to learn and move up in the 36 levels of the platform all the while gaining points and badges!

What really makes Torah Live uniquely positioned in the gaming market is that a "player" is not just playing for themselves, they are part of a team - a family, school, shul, organization and the points that they accumulate are automatically added to their team's points which is reflected in the leaderboard:

The child/student is not just playing on his/her own and accumulating points for him/herself, they are part of something much bigger than themselves and that is what we are aiming for - Jewish children who love Hashem and are excited about Torah & Mitzvos and feel a strong connection to the Jewish people.

We hope you will join us on this journey!

Stay tuned for our next article on Torah Live and gaming....

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