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The Torah Live Student Workbooks
The Torah Live Student Workbooks
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For many of the Torah Live courses there is also a printable student workbook.

The student workbooks are available in both English and Hebrew and they are one of the more popular of the supplementary materials that are available to teachers in the platform.

To access the student workbooks, please go to the course overview page like here in the course on Brachos and click on "Student Workbooks":

After clicking on the "Student Workbooks", you will see several options for downloading:

  • Classic - no graphics, just questions:

  • With graphics:

And in Hebrew:

There is also an answer key for every student workbook!

The advantage of the student workbook is that it follows the sequence of the videos in the course. Many teachers have their students answer the student workbook while they're watching the video. This way the students are more engaged in the learning and are also required to fully understand what was taught in the video before answering the questions.

As mentioned earlier, the student workbook is by far one of the more popular tools in the platform that teachers are using in their classrooms. It also creates a healthy blend for students to have both the on/offline interaction with Torah Live.

The Torah Live team is always available to guide you in how to best integrate the Torah Live platform in your classroom.

Questions? We're a chat away!

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