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Is Torah Live available in Hebrew?
Is Torah Live available in Hebrew?
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Translating Torah Live into Hebrew is a HUGE project!

Here is a quick update:

  • Over 90% of the courses have Hebrew subtitles

  • 80% of the website has been translated to Hebrew (not the actual course content).

  • 20% of the student workbooks have been translated to Hebrew

When will all of Torah Live be translated into Hebrew?

This is the million dollar question🙂

The translation process is both expensive💰 and extensive😰. There are so many elements in Torah Live each course that it would require a team of dedicated, high-level translators to make this happen.

Our hope and vision is, that as Torah Live continues to grow and expand in Israel and as we receive more and more requests to make Torah Live accessible in Hebrew that there will be donors and/or organizations who will step forward and work with us to make this happen🙏.

Has Torah Live considered doing voice overs in Hebrew?

Great question! Yes, we have tried this in the past and we even piloted one video with a professional Hebrew voice over and let's just say that the experience was not the same as hearing the video in English. We have also piloted voice overs in other languages and we weren't satisfied with the way it sounded, it's very challenging for a voice over to replace the original language that the video was presented in.

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