When is the next video coming out???

The Torah Live team is honored to share with you the "Torah Live Video Production Roadmap" (you can see the "Torah Live Game Production Roadmap" here)

Bishul Akum: Is LIVE on the site now for paid members only!

Eretz Yisrael: Are you ready??? An all new "Rabbi Siddur" series on Eretz Yisrael is now available for early access for paying members on the Torah Live platform.

Eretz Yisrael part 2 is going live March 23rd!!!

Ahavas Hashem: How does one come to love Hashem? Coming this April, Rabbi Siddur will show us how we can love Hashem...stay tuned for Ahavas Hashem!

(The animator is now working on creating each scene in the series)

Revenge: What does the Torah have to say about taking revenge? Coming this April, Rabbi Siddur will answer that question in the all new course on Revenge!

Music: Get out your musical instruments because Rabbi Siddur is taking a deep dive into the world of music! Part 1 is coming IY"H this May!!!

In this new series, we will also be uploading interviews with famous Jewish musicians who will be sharing with us about their experiences in the world of Jewish music. It's going to be AMAZING!!!

(Rabbi Shlomo Katz sharing a beautiful story about one of his songs)

What else is in the works?

The following new topics are in various stages of production: Ahavas Hashem, Kavod Sefarim, Jewish Unity, Rosh Chodesh, Kohanim, Shalom, Shema, Animals (Tza'ar Baalei Chayim), Financial Literacy, Kippah, Danger and the Jewish Wedding...

Stay tuned here for when those topics will be going live on the site!

Live to Give: Exciting updates from Torah Live's groundbreaking series titled "Live to Give" which is being filmed as this is being written🙂

The production team has had some intensive days of film shooting and the project is moving along according to schedule B"H!

Here are some photos from a September 5th shoot which took place in the beautiful area of Gush Etzion (Thank you to production manager, Mrs. Sharon Katz for the photos!):

(TL's film director, Ben Katz and script writer, Elchanan Schnurr on set)

(TL's editor & producer, Marty Weisel in action)

(TL's videographer, Sasha Gorev and Marty getting ready for another "take")

Stay tuned!!!

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