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New Games in Torah Live!!! (Updated June 16th)
New Games in Torah Live!!! (Updated June 16th)

Wondering what games are new to Torah Live? Check out the latest Jewish games on our site - enjoy and learn!

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Updated over a week ago

In case you haven't seen what we've created until now, please go to -

Wow! It's been ages since we last updated you, our awesome Torah Live enthusiasts, about the fantastic new games we've added to the site. But guess what? WE'RE BACK!!! Ready for some fun? Here we go! 🌟

Rescue the Lost Objects!

We have a new game for you✨ "Rescue the Lost Objects" Enjoy!!!

Eat the Cheesecake!

Are you ready to eat some cheesecakes? You will be ready now with this all new game "Eat the Cheesecake"!

Jerusalem Builder!

Are you ready to start building up Yerushalayim? Check out this fun game in our all new course on Yerushalayim!

Mitzvah Merge!

In Torah Live's all new "Crash Course on Hilchos Yom Tov", we added a new game called "Mitzvah Merge"

Fire it Up🔥

Right before Lag B'Omer, we added a new course called Lag B'Omer!!! With the new course also came a new game called "Fire it Up!"

And we're just beginning✨

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon👌

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