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Torah Live Games Production Roadmap (Updated April 23)
Torah Live Games Production Roadmap (Updated April 23)
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Updated over a week ago

In case you haven't seen what we've created until now, please go to -

We brought in a new game developer and he just started getting off the ground with creating new games for Torah Live👍

New Game!!!!

Ahavas Hashem has a new game!!! Yay!!!

Focus Your Energy!

A new game is up on the site, yay!!! This game is in the Individuality course.

Haman Hangman!

How well do you know Megilas Esther? This game will test your knowledge of names and places in the Megillah. This game is now up on the site in the course on "Purim".

Eretz Yisrael!

This game is now live on the site!!! In the Eretz Yisrael course!!!

Our new game developer is also working on games for - Power of Speech, Music (new TL course!!!), Bishul Akum and loads more!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon👌

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