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What's Cooking in Torah Live?
What's Cooking in Torah Live?

Get a sneak peek of what new features we are working on and be the first to know when a new Torah Live feature goes live.

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We have some awesome new features that are being developed and coming to you soon!

So you all know that we have updates on when the next video or game is coming out, but did you ever wonder - "What else is Torah Live doing?"

Video Quizzes!!!

Huuuuuuge update: The video quizzes are now LIVE on the site!!!

You've all seen the Torah Live quizzes in the courses, like this one:

We are now working on "video quizzes" - our film crew went all around Israel filming random people on the street, each person was given a question from a Torah Live quiz:

Some more visuals of people you will soon meet in the Torah Live video quizzes🙂

Are you ready???

Watch this space for more updates on what's cooking in Torah Live👍

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