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Getting ready for Pesach (Passover) can be challenging😧, with Torah Live it can be inspiring😎!

Introducing Torah Live's all new course "PESACH WITH TORAH LIVE"

You'll find there videos about:

  • Hagalas keilim

  • Bedikas chametz

  • Halachos for the seder night

  • Inspiring Pesach message

  • and loads more!!!

There's also a printable student workbook, a printable notebook for kids to write divrei torah for the seder and also a Pesach coloring book!

In addition, when getting ready for Pesach, there are so many things to think about, for example:

Buying new dishes?

Everyone is busy buying new dishes for Pesach. This Tevilas Keilim series is a perfect way to teach your students about the ins and outs of what makes a vessel ready for use - so be sure to check out Torah Live's course on "Utensils"

Buying new clothes for the holiday?

We've got you covered😉

Be sure to check out Torah Live's course on "Shatnez"

Getting ready for the Pesach Seder?

You need to watch "Prophecies Revealed"

Don't forget to get your haircut ✂!

But first, you need to watch the Torah Live's series on the halachos of "Haircuts"

(Dynamite in a barber shop??? Watch the series to find out!)

Going on a family trip🚗?

You'll need to know the laws of "Tefilas Haderech", safe travels!!!

Get into the right mindset!

One of the most important mitzvos of Pesach is to BE HAPPY🙂! So head on over to the Torah Live course on "Being Happy" and learn from Rabbi Siddur about the deeper meanings of being a happy person!

Wishing you all a zissen Pesach (sweet Passover)!!!

Questions? We're a chat away🙋‍♂️

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