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Whether it's a long car ride, a family vacation or even a staycation - Torah Live is with you all the way!

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Dear Torah Live,

Maybe you can help me. We have a very long car ride tomorrow morning and I do not want my kids watching meaningless content for hours on end. Any suggestions of how I can keep them entertained for a long period of time?

We sure do!

Whether it's a long card ride, a family vacation or even a staycation - we've got you covered!

You have two options:

The first option is the FREE option:

Sign up for a free Torah Live account and you will have access to many of the Torah Live videos for FREE!!!


When your kids log in to view the content, they will see that many of items on the playlist will be greyed out, like this:

And they will say: We want to play the games! We want to see the illustrations! We want to take the video quiz!

So we highly recommend that you upgrade to "Value" which is only $90 for the year!!!

This will give you access to the FULL Torah Live platform!

  • You can setup multiple children accounts under your account

  • You can track their learning and progress in the platform

  • Each child can choose their own learning journey

  • Access to more than 50 courses on a wide range of topics

  • It will keep them engaged, entertained and occupied with kosher Torah content for hours and perhaps for many years to come!

Sign up to Torah Live today and maybe you will experience what this family experienced with Torah Live on their recent winter vacation:


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