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What role does the teacher have in the platform?
What role does the teacher have in the platform?
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The teacher plays a pivotal role in the success of using Torah Live in the classroom. As experience has taught us, it's not enough for the students to have access to Torah Live, it requires a teacher who is fully engaged in facilitating the usage of Torah Live in the classroom.

When a teacher has a Torah Live account - for a Value account they can enroll up to 24 students and Premium can enroll up to 36 students in their account. Each student will receive their own login and will only have access to the courses that their teacher has enrolled them in. The teacher will be able to track the students learning progress and gift points to students based on their learning achievements in the platform and also send them direct messages as well -

In addition, since this is a new platform we want to hear from teachers who are using the new platform to share with us their best practices from using the platform in the classroom.

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