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Quick Start Guide for Educators
Quick Start Guide for Educators
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Welcome educators to Torah Live!

Torah Live is here to support you as you embark with your students on a journey in the world of Torah Live. Let's begin!

  1. Setting up an educator account

  2. Setting up a student account

1. From your account dashboard, choose "Educator" account:

Click on "Set up your class"

Give the class a name:

Choose the topic(s) you would like your students to be enrolled in:

2. Setting Up Student Accounts

Now you can start adding students!

There are two options to add students - sharing a class code or sending an email invite.

PLEASE NOTE: Each option requires parental approval before the student joins the class. It's recommended to have the parent's email ready beforehand to save time in the onboarding process.

When sending an invite, there are two options:

Individual invites or uploading a CSV file that is limited to 36 students

After adding the information and sending the invite, the parent will receive this email which they will need to confirm the child joining the class:

Upon clicking on "here" - they will come to this page:

The parent will now be asked to setup an account for the child:

Add some basic information

The child will now receive an email with their login info and link to join the class. As soon as the child clicks on the link to join the class, the educator will see the student's name appear on the educator dashboard:

Sending "Class Code" - you can also send a class code to your students:

When clicking on "All" that is next to "My Classes" you will be able to see your school's current ranking in the world:

When your students start learning-playing, all of their accumulated points will improve your school's ranking in the leaderboard.

You're all set! If you have any questions, please drop us a note in the chat box.

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