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Is Torah Live safe for my child?
Is Torah Live safe for my child?

Read about the safety measures put in place so that your child can enjoy Torah videos and games without risk.

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  • We do not allow a child (someone less than 13) to open an account with Torah Live without the direct involvement/permission of their parents or legal guardian.

  • Therefore, when a child creates an account, we obtain consent from their parent or legal guardian. If Torah Live is used in an educational setting, we do not rely on the school to obtain the necessary consent for users under 13 years old – we require it directly from the parent or legal guardian via a platform technology we developed precisely for this purpose.

  • All submissions of artwork, photographs, recordings, drawings, videos, or other work made by a child require the approval of the child’s parent or legal guardian for each submission – and adhere to guidelines for its display on the site determined by the child’s parent or legal guardian.

  • The submissions your children view on the site are controlled by you the parent or guardian.

  • There is no facility on the site for children to communicate with other site users. This is done to ensure our site does not become a social media platform. The Torah Live customer support staff does have the ability to message a user. All communications take place via Torah Live's messaging app that is monitored by multiple members of the Torah Live team.

  • There is zero ability to share anything from the site via facebook, instagram, or other social media platform. Similarly, there is zero ability to access the site via a facebook or other social media account.

  • There is no chat mechanism to facilitate communication between children.

  • No one can see your child's point progress on the site except you, as a parent, or, in the case their teacher registered them, their teacher.

  • No child can join the site or a teacher's class without the explicit approval by their parent. Even if a teacher registers your child under their educator account, that registration on the site and in that teacher's class must be approved by you, the parent.

  • None of your child's progress, submissions, or activity will be used for marketing purposes without your explicit approval.

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