• 100% of the content is approved by leading gedolim

  • Your child cannot submit any submission of artwork, writing, video without your specific approval for that submission.

  • For all the submissions you do approve, you have control as to who may view that submission, either no one (except our review staff for credit in the game), your child's family or class in school, or the general public.

  • No one can contact your child via the site except our staff

  • There is zero ability to share anything from the site via facebook, instagram, or other social media platform. Similarly, there is zero ability to access the site via a facebook or other social media account.

  • There is no chat mechanism to facilitate communication between children.

  • No one can see your child's point progress on the site except you, as a parent, or, in the case their teacher registered them, their teacher.

  • No child can join the site or a teacher's class without the explicit approval by their parent. Even if a teacher registers your child under their educator account, that registration on the site and in that teacher's class must be approved by you, the parent.

  • None of your child's progress, submissions, or activity will be used for marketing purposes without your explicit approval.

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