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One of the most popular Torah Live courses that has impacted users worldwide is the course on Charity.

Here is a lesson that several teachers have done with their students:

In this session, the students will have the opportunity to "practice" the mitzvah of maaser.

First, the students need to view the series on Charity. It would be best to start the class activity after the video "Giving Maaser in the 21st Century"

The students should be guided in how to create their own fake income. Alternatively, the teacher can also hand out to each student a card with a job title and how much income they would be receiving. The students then need to calculate how much maaser they would need to give from each of their salaries.

A second part of this lesson can be - now that you have calculated how much maaser you need to give. How would you distribute it?

This can be an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about about prioritizing needs when giving charity - who do we choose to give to and why?

Students can also participate in the Torah Live challenge "Distribute a Million Dollars" and can submit their challenge creations for points and badges and maybe even win a prize from Torah Live!

Do you have a lesson idea for the Torah Live topic on Charity? We want to hear from you!

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