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Torah Live in the Month's of Tamuz/Av
Torah Live in the Month's of Tamuz/Av
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In this time of year of the three week period from Shiva Asar B'Tamuz until Tish'a B'av if you are looking for some meaningful programming for your children/campers/students - Torah Live has several options to help make these days more meaningful.

I would like to suggest 3 topics:

Otherwise known as the "Power of Speech" - the "Lost Light" is a full 50 minute film on the laws of Lashon Hara. But it's much more than that...this film will take you on a journey into the world of negative speech through many different real life scenarios - parents and children, teachers and students, colleagues and friends all showcasing the negative impact of lashon hara and how we can fix it to bring back the light.

(Rabbi Roth in "The Lost Light" )

Connect your students to Yerushalayim through Torah Live's course "Yerushalayim". Learn about what the Kotel means for the Jewish people and what it means to daven there. There is also a challenge titled "What Does Yerushalayim Mean to You?" that students can respond to with their own creative ideas!

This is a must view series if you want your students to really connect to the idea of what chesed really is all about.

During the three weeks leading up to Tisha B'Av, if there's one character trait that we could all strengthen ourselves in, it's definitely "Judging Others Favorably". This video is part of Torah Live's famous "Rabbi Siddur" animation series. While it is an animated video it is appropriate for all ages.

For Value and Premium users there's also the fully gamified course with illustrations and behind the scenes videos, a challenge and a quiz. For Premium users, there's a printable student workbook and a sourcebook to go more deeper into the topic.

You may be wondering - how can I watch these amazing films???

Go to and signup for a free membership!!!

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