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Class Activity Idea - Chesed
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In the new Torah Live series titled "Chesed" - we did something a little different. We asked YOU, our users, to tell us about amazing chesed initiatives that either you are personally involved with or of kids that you know of.

We sent out a camera crew to document these initiatives and our goal is to film 14 mini documentaries about amazing chesed initiatives that kids are doing in their communities.

(from the chesed documentary on "MRK Chesed")

Here's a class activity idea:

At the beginning of the school year - show the Torah Live chesed series to your students. Share with your students a google form with a survey of various class chesed activities, for example:

  • Building sukkah's for senior citizens in the community

  • Chanukah chagigah for children with special needs

  • Bringing flowers erev shabbos to the local old age home

  • Purim carnival to raise money for a local chesed organization

The ideas are endless...

Setup a class committee that will be in charge of managing the chosen chesed initiative/s.

Bring in guest speakers that will inspire and motivate your students to be involved in chesed.

Empower all of your students to be involved.

Book a date!

As soon as the the class committee chooses a chesed initiative, it's important to book a date so the students will stay focused on their tasks and goals.

Document the process!

Take videos & pictures throughout the whole process. Students will be amazed at how much they've accomplished.

Create a video that you can share with the school community and with Torah Live.

It's time to create a chesed revolution in the Jewish world and we can never underestimate the power of our students and what incredible things they can do for the Jewish people and the world!


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