During the winter season, when Shabbos ends early and it's cold outside...this is a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your children and watch together our favorite Rabbi Siddur!

Make some hot cocoa, cuddle up and you're set!

Here's our first three series to start with:

Being Happy (currently available for paying members)

There are 4 videos in this series - after each video, ask the children - what did you think? Were you able to relate to any of the examples that were mentioned in the video? Why is it so hard to be happy all of the time? What can we do to be more happy?

Asher Yatzar

There are 2 videos in this series. Ask your children - What are you thankful for? What can we do to have more kavana (intention) when saying Asher Yatzar?

Performing Mitzvos with Enthusiasm

There is 1 video in this series. Getting ready for a new week? Going back to school - exams, long days in the classroom etc...this is a great series to get your kids energized to do mitzvos with enthusiasm! Ask them - what mitzvah do you find the most challenging and how can you become more enthusiastic when doing it?

What Torah Live series have you watched with your children? We'd love to hear from you, please send us a message in the chat!

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