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Parental Approval for Child Submissions
Parental Approval for Child Submissions

Who can see your child’s submission? Whose submissions can your child see? Is this safe?

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At Torah Live, your child’s safety is our number one priority.

(Our second priority? Getting them on fire about Torah learning. 🔥)

So what happens when your child wants to participate in one of Torah Live’s interactive activities or contests?

They’re hyped up about their drawing, video response or picture and want to send it off right away (“Because I can win an Amazon card, Mommy!”).

You have questions.

As a Torah Live parent, you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to your child’s account.

Let’s walk you through your options.

Whose submissions can your child view?

On your Dashboard, you can choose whose submissions your child can view.

  • All Torah Live members
    Your child can view the submissions of all Torah Live members.
    All submissions of artwork, photographs, recordings, drawings, videos or other work can only be submitted with the approval of the child’s parent or guardian. We also vet each submission carefully to ensure that they adhere to Torah Live guidelines.

  • Class/Family members
    Your child can only view the submissions of Torah Live users in their class or family.

  • Only their own
    Your child can only view their own submissions.

Who can view your child’s submission?

On the Approval Page, you can choose who can view your child’s submissions.

  • All Torah Live members
    All Torah Live members can view your child’s submission. There is no way to share anything from the Torah Live site via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms. There is also no way for Torah Live users to chat amongst each other.

  • Class/Family Members
    Only Torah Live users in your child’s class or family can see your child’s submission.

  • Only your child
    No other Torah Live users can view your child’s submission.

Torah Live challenges are a kosher, fun and creative way for your child to showcase their understanding of the material. We know how much kids have to offer and we love giving them a chance to show the world what they’ve got! 💪

We also know that different parents have different preferences when it comes to their child’s submissions. You know your child best, and we’d like to ensure that you’re always 100% comfortable with your child’s activity on Torah Live.

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