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Class Activity Idea - The "Live to Give" Song🎶
Class Activity Idea - The "Live to Give" Song🎶

A classroom activity for students to learn about the Live to Give theme song.

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In case you haven't heard the all new "Live to Give" song written by the amazing Ari Goldwag, head on over right now to Live to Give episode 7 !!!

I would recommend to print out the lyrics so your students can follow both the English and especially the Hebrew:

Part 1:

Ask your students: What is the message of the song?

  • Be like Hashem👍

  • Be a giver💪

  • Become part of a community🤝

  • Avoid lonliness 👎

  • Be aware of the world around you👌

  • Take the initiative, don't wait🙌

Part 2

Time for group discussions! Divide up the class and hand out the first discussion card.

It's important for the students to understand that lonliness can be expressed in a variety of ways even when you're surrounded by people!

Challenge your students - the next time you're at an event and you see someone who looks lonely, go over to them and make them feel included.

On to the next discussion card!

We have another discussion card!!!

Ask your students:

  1. Name as many mitzvos as possible that require you to be a part of a community?

    Here are some to get the ball rolling...

    1. Tefilla

    2. Getting married

    3. Tzedaka

    4. Gemilus Chasadim

    5. Etc...

It's important for the students to see that being Jewish requires us to be part of a community and that there are endless opportunities to be a giver no matter where you are or how old you are!

Practice Hebrew!

Have your students translate the Hebrew section of the song:

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