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Class Activity Idea - Ahavas Hashem
Class Activity Idea - Ahavas Hashem

How can we teach our students to love Hashem? Try this interactive class activity that teaches about Ahavas Hashem (loving G-d).

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How can we teach our students to love Hashem?

To answer that question - your students should first watch the Torah Live film on "How to Love Hashem"

Activity #1:

Choose an activity that your students enjoy, for example:

Ask your students: By a raise of hands - Who loves baseball⚾?

Next ask:

Why do you love baseball?

And then ask:

To become an excellent baseball player - what do you need to do?

Hand out sticky notes and each student should place on the board one idea of how to become an excellent baseball player, like this:

Re-group: As we we can see from the board, when you really love something you have to work really hard to acheive it!

Activity #2:

Now ask your students: How can we love Hashem?

Put up a new board and hand out sticky notes and have your students create a board of the many ways that we can come to love Hashem:

Activity #3:

Do a quick summary of what was learned until now - that when you love something it requires effort and that there are multiple ways to express that love. In this next activity, have your students do something which they may never have done before - write a letter to Hashem!

In this letter, the students should address the following questions:

  • What am I thankful to Hashem for in my life?

  • What can I do to increase the love for Hashem in my life?

(The students can either read their letters to the class or seal them in an envelope that they can save for themselves)

Ask your students:

  • How did it feel to write a letter to Hashem?

  • How can expressing our love and gratitude for Hashem help us develop a deeper connection with him?

The activity should end with a class discussion on these two questions and trying to come up with practical advice of how each student can deepen their connection with Hashem.

There is so much more that we can do here to teach our students about loving Hashem. I'd love to hear your ideas of what you're doing in your classroom!

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