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There are some Torah Live topics that students will need the hands on experience to fully understand what was taught in the videos. One of those topics is "Shatnez"!

Part 1:

The Torah Live course on "Shatnez" is (in our humble opinion🙂) exciting and engaging. What we recommend to do for this course is to invite a local Shatnez checker to come to your class and do a live presentation on how they check for shatnez, showcase different types of garments and have students see and feel for themselves what our clothes are made of.

(from the Torah Live course on "Shatnez")

Part 2:

In the Shatnez course there's a video titled "Determination and Power to Change the World"

This could be an excellent opportunity to do the following activity with your students:

Ask them two questions:

  1. What are you passionate about?

  2. How can you use the talents that Hashem has blessed you with to create a positive impact in the world?

Give them some time to reflect on these two questions and write/type up a response.

Give each student a "sticky note" and have them write down how they want to impact the world and then each student will add his/her sticky note to a board that can be called the "Impact Wall". See what amazing things the students will come up with!

If you have ideas that have worked for you in your classroom, shoot us a message in the chat, we want to hear from you!

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