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Class Activity Idea - Jewish Heroes!
Class Activity Idea - Jewish Heroes!
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We ❤ being Jewish and we ❤ Jewish heroes!

What is a hero? Who is a hero?

In this lesson plan, we will explore with our students the word - HERO!

Kick off with a brainstorming session with your students -

  • What makes someone a hero?

  • Is heroism something that you were born with - either you have it or you don't?

Divide up the class into teams. Each team is given a different name from a personality from Tanach:

  • Yosef

  • Moshe Rabbeinu

  • Yehoshua

  • Devorah

  • Shimshon

  • Chana

  • Dovid Hamelech

  • Mordechai

  • Esther

Each team should discuss and answer the following questions:

  1. What were some of their major accomplishments?

  2. What challenges did they face?

  3. What qualities did they possess that made them heroic?

Each team should present their Tanach personality and the answers to the three questions.


Choose a Jewish hero from modern times and answer the following three questions:

  1. Who is your Jewish hero?

  2. Why did you choose that person as your hero?

  3. Describe one event that best showcases the heroism of your Jewish hero.

Now it's time for the big question🥁:

Is heroism a one time life event or can it be an everyday event and if so - how?

This is the moment of truth!

Ask your students - which of the following actions is considered heroic, answer yes or no!

  • Waking up for davening every morning?

  • Honoring our parents?

  • Respecting friends?

  • Playing computer games?

  • Respecting our teachers?

  • Not saying Lashon Hara

  • Playing football

  • Learning Torah!

  • Helping a friend in need

  • Doing chesed beyond what's needed.

  • Etc...

As we can see, there is no end to what heroism means. Each and every student can be a Jewish hero in their own way, they don't have to wait for that magical once in a lifetime moment to be that amazing hero like in the movies. They can decide right here and NOW to become a Jewish hero - it's all up to them and of course with help from Hashem!!!

Thoughts? Comments? We're a chat away🙋‍♂️

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