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Class Activity Idea - Emunah & Tefillah
Class Activity Idea - Emunah & Tefillah
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(For Value & Premium members)

Enroll your students in the "Emunah & Tefillah" course.

For in-class instruction: switch to Classic Mode and show the first two videos.

Now turn on gamification and present the following class activity:

What would people say about you at your 80th birthday party?

Each student needs to write up a short speech on what they would like for people to say about them at their 80th birthday party. The students will then be required to deliver their speech in front of the class.

Class Discussion:

  1. Were there any common themes between all of the speeches?

  2. What can we do now to live up to what we want people to say about us at our 80th birthday party?

Students should be encouraged to submit their speeches for points and best submissions will be added to the submissions gallery page.

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