Class Activity - Free Will
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Part 1

Show the Torah Live video on Free Will - "Power of Choice"

Part 2

Opening questions to ask the class:

• What do you think free will is?

• Why do you think Hashem wanted us to have free will?

• How do we understand free will in a world in which Hashem knows the future?

Part 3

Setup the classroom for roundtable discussions - Café Dilemma!

Divide up the students into smaller groups and each group will be presented with a dilemma that is connected to free will, for example:

  1. A kid you don’t know at all is being bullied and you are afraid if you interfere the bullies will turn on you

  2. Your best friend wants you to keep a secret but you think she is harming herself and her parents should know

  3. You didn't get invited to a friends party, you were extremely upset about it and tomorrow you will be seeing that friend in class - what will you do?

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