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Class Activity Idea - Yerushalayim
Class Activity Idea - Yerushalayim
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How can we connect our students to Yerushalayim?

Part 1

Ask your students:

Why do you think Yerushalayim has been so important to the Jewish people throughout history?

Show your students the Torah Live series - Yerushalayim!

Ask your students:

How can we stay connected to Yerushalayim, even when we're so far away or have never been there?

It's important to suggest some options since depending on their age, it may be somewhat challenging for them to answer this question. Here are some suggestions:

  • Through Tefillah

  • Through our actions - by doing chesed we are bringing the world closer to redemption and the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash

Ask your students:

What are some things we do nowadays to remember the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash?

  • Breaking glass at a wedding

  • Leaving a section of the wall in the home unpainted

  • Ash on the forehead of the chasan before the wedding

  • Saying "Al Naharos Bavel" before Birkas HaMazon

  • All of the minhagim related to the three weeks between Shiva Asar B'Tamuz and Tisha B'Av

Part 2

Put up a large poster, then hand each student a square card and a marker. Ask them to design their own square by answering the question:

When each student completes their square, they can come up and stick their square on the poster.

The goal is to fill the poster with all the students' answers, allowing them to see how each of them connects to Yerushalayim. It will also be fascinating to observe the unique ways everyone feels a bond with this holy place.


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