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Class Activity Idea - Jew's Gift to Mankind
Class Activity Idea - Jew's Gift to Mankind
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This class activity idea is for Torah Live's course on "Jew's Gift to Mankind"

Step #1

Place the following two words in front of your students:

Ask your students:

  1. What is Mesirus Nefesh?

  2. How far do you think one can go to sacrifice him or herself?

  3. If one Jew sacrifices him/herself - do you think that has an impact on the Jewish people has a whole?


It's important that the students understand that when we talk about "Mesirus Nefesh" it's not just about jumping into the fire (literally) to sanctify Hashem's name but it's also everyday activities - from going to shul on time or helping out someone in need.


Step #2:

Place in front of the students a series of notes, each note has a different action, for example:

Now that we've learned that mesirus nefesh is everyday - how would you prioritize this list? What are YOU willing to go the extra mile for?

Have your students create their own mesirus nefesh list from the above notes and each student should present to the class his or her list and discuss what's important to them and what they're willing to be "moser their nefesh" for.

Step #3:

Place this image in front of the students:

Ask your students - what does it mean to be Hashem's ambassador in this world? Ask the students to call out what they see in the picture.

As we saw in the activity above, there are so many ways that a Jew can sanctify Hashem's name in this world. However we can't be Hashem's ambassador in this world if we're not willing to make the effort. Only through true mesirus nefesh can each and every one of us become Hashem's ambassador and a gift to mankind.


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